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Polycom SoundStation IP7000 Configuration

This guide explains how to configure the Polycom SoundStation IP7000 for use with the wave ip2500/ip500.

1. Obtain the IP address of the phone to be able to access the web interface.

  • Press “Menu” on the phone and select “Status”.
  • From that menu select “Network” and then “TCP/IP Configuration Parameters”.
  • You will be shown the IP of the phone.
  • Use your web browser to navigate to this IP. Default user name “Polycom” password “456”
  • The interface will be shown.

IP7000 Configuration 1.jpg

2. Click on the SIP tab and under “Outbound Proxy” enter the IP of the Wave for “Address” and select “UDPonly” for “Transport”

3. Under the “Server 1” section, configure the fields as follows:

  • Address: ip address of wave
  • Port: 5060
  • Transport: UDPonly
  • Expires: 60

IP7000 Configuration 2.jpg

4. Click “Submit”. The phone will restart. After restarting, go back to the web interface and click the “LINE” tab.

5. Under the “Identification” tab, use the following settings:

  • Display Name: An identifier, for example “Conference”
  • Address: The extension number, i.e. 104
  • Auth User ID: extension number. i.e. 104
  • Auth Password: extension number, i.e 104
  • Label: An identifier, the extension number will be ok here, i.e 104
  • Num Line Keys: 1
  • Calls Per Line: 1

6. Under “Server 1” user the following settings

  • Address: IP address of the wave
  • Port: 5060
  • Transport: UDPonly
  • Expires: 3600

IP7000 Configuration 3.jpg

All other settings can be left default.

Now click submit, the phone will restart.

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