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Step 1 - RMA Hardware Return EMEA

(Return Material Authorization)

The following steps describing the procedure how to handle hardware issues.

Step 2 - Create Online Ticket

One Online Ticket is required per hardware part. Each Online Ticket requires the following information. Please copy the following points to the Online Ticket and fill the required information:

  • Distributor Name:
  • Costumer Name:
  • Part Number:
  • Serial Number Chassis:
  • Serial Number ISC (Wave):
  • Serial Number PSU (Wave):
  • Hardware Version / Rev. #:
  • Software Version:
  • Issue Description: (An exact technical issue description is required)

Step 3 - Remote Fix

Vertical Technical Support will check the issue remotely first and advise next steps.

Step 4 - RMA Form

In case the hardware issue is not resolvable on site Technical Support will provide a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number.

The distributor is advised to fill the RMA Form. The filled form must be uploaded to the Online Ticket.


Step 5 - Hardware Return Shipment

When RMA Form is filled and uploaded to the ticket the distributor/partner is allowed to send back hardware to Vertical Premises Munich.

Please note: It’s required to note the RMA Number on every package which is send back to Vertical.

Technical Support is testing the hardware components and repairing or replacing the parts then.

The distributor get information on actual RMA status in the Online Ticket immediately when available.

Step 6 - Advanced Hardware Replacement

Vertical does not replace hardware parts in advance. Every distributor is advised to have replacement parts available on stock.

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