Puigblanque & Kim are the Winners of the Climbing WC 2012 – Lead – Puurs

A great show that had it all, great climbing, worthy winners, and controversy to top it all off.

Ramón Julián Puigblanque & Jain Kim are the winners of the Lead Climbing Worldcup 2012 in Puurs Belgium. The event was faintished by the disqualification in the finals of Jakob Schubert getting the red card because of using an iPhone in isolation. He explained that he checked only the time and the officials have seen him at what he was looking. Other climbers commented this decision not worth to get a red card but an yellow card. However this are the official rules and this is what happened also can’t be changed anymore. Looking forward to the next fight of Jakob the new worldchampion and Ramón who are the measure of all things currently. Others that participated at the World Champs in all three disciplines looked a bit tired after all but still amazing what they showed. Get some rest guys and next to go Atlanta, USA soon.

Discipline Handbook 2012

Men lead complete result
1.     Julian Puigblanque Ramón
2.     Lachat Cédric
3.     Desgranges Romain
4.     Amma Sachi
5.     McColl Sean
6.     Verhoeven Jorg
7.     Lechner Mario
8.     Midtboe Magnus

Women lead complete result
1.     Kim Jain
2.     Ernst Johanna
3.     Röck Magdalena
4.     Markovic Mina
5.     Janicot Hélène
6.     Noguchi Akiyo
7.     Malamid Evgenia
8.     Durif Charlotte